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Haydn Welch Jewellers, Taunton

Improvements to sales and reductions in costs are what all business analysts will wish to see when considering any capital investment. Parify’s PRAIL window display lighting has been proven time after time to deliver both. With Luminaires of only 40W replacing the industry staple 150W Metal Halide lamps, and huge improvements to window LUX levels, Haydn Welch Jewellers made the right decision.

Over 32 Metal Halide lamps were used in just the window displays, consuming over 4,800 Watts per hour. Once installed, the consumption from the PRAIL 40-4 LED’s was just 1,344 Watts, a reduction of energy of 72%.

The retailing of jewellery is a very fickle art, windows have to be set out correctly, jewellery grouped in the correct sets, and the lighting absolutely perfect to entice the customer to enter the store.

Haydn Welch had 32 Metal Halide luminaries installed the window displays that, on paper, produced 480,000 Lumens, so it appeared, that the PRAIL 40-4 would struggle against these lamps, with an output of only 125,000 Lumens. The reality is that the Metal Halides have very poor reflector technology, aged bulbs (up-to 40% lower output), and a non-directional beam, meaning that the poor levels of light emitted from these units is beamed in every direction, in many cases missing the stock completely. The PRAIL 40-4 produces almost 4000LM, BUT delivers these lumens exactly where they are needed, thanks to advanced reflector technology. The effect of these luminaires upon Gemstones has to be seen to be believed.

Haydn welch said:

“Energy saving is OK but the lighting is fantastic. The best few thousand we have ever spent. Can’t tell whether we have had a fantastic Christmas because of the lights, but we are 25% up for the month. It’s a simple choice, a couple more diamond rings or great lighting. We chose the lighting. We had just sold a £4000 diamond ring and spent the proceeds on the lights rather than replace the ring. It was the best choice we have ever made.”