Parify is a unique business in many ways – we design, test and build our own products at our facilities in Leicestershire, England.

What makes us different is that we have the technological and engineering capability to design and create unique and ground-breaking lighting solutions demanded by our clients. An added benefit of our products is their low impact on the environment.

Parify is built on the values of unique product design, sector specific solutions, high quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

We also pride ourselves on consistently achieving repeat business from our loyal clientele.

As technology has advanced over the past decade, we understand the need for businesses to take advantage of new lighting developments that will directly improve their bottom line through improved sales and reduced costs.

The perfect way to summarise our business is best quoted by one of our clients Nicholas Wylde:

“In the past month we’ve received positive feedback from half a dozen clients who have noticed the dramatic change in our window displays. This has ultimately allowed us to sell more jewellery. I would recommend Parify to anyone wishing to do the same.”

We are experts in pushing the boundaries of bespoke manufacture, so if you have a specific requirement, Parify can help you.